Diane Joens serving the Verde Valley

Having worked as a mayor in Yavapai County, I have proven leadership, experience, and public service skills that enhance my strengths in serving people. As supervisor, I will continue our work to positively impact people’s lives. I will focus my energies full-time to provide services to the people in Yavapai County. When I ran for mayor, I pledged to the people that they would be my entire focus, and I would not hold any other job. I continue that pledge as supervisor.
Creating better communication enables me to address people’s needs so they can be heard and understood.  The health, safety, and welfare of the people are my top priorities.
I will work to establish solid communications that connect the communities in the district. The unique nature of each community, both incorporated and unincorporated, must be respected and maintained. However, most everyone will admit that we could do better in communicating and collaborating in the Verde Valley. As neighbors we attend the same churches and schools, drive on the same streets, shop in the same stores, go to the same doctors and attend the same funerals and weddings. The fact is, our dialogue could be kinder.
To positively impact the budget, I will work to bring industry and jobs to the county in collaboration with cities and towns. This will improve the quality of life for all families in the district.

My old-fashioned country strong values prepare me for the hours it will take to get the job done. Integrity, honesty, experience, and energy are qualities that make me the prime candidate for supervisor in Yavapai County, representing the fine people in District 3.

Diane Joens

In service to people and nature